Global Search in Azure Portal

Microsoft has introduced “new” functionality into the Azure Portal, which is fantastic for Windows users who are accustomed to using the search feature in the Start Menu. I really enjoy this functionality for sheer speed and productivity purposes.

From Microsoft:

Search in the Azure portal just got better. You can jump to your resources, resource groups, and subscriptions no matter what you have open by using the global search box in the top bar.

Click in the search box (or use the “/” keyboard shortcut), and you’ll get a list of the last few resources you’ve used in the portal. Type a few characters of the name of what you’re looking for, and you’ll get a list of the resources, resource groups, and subscriptions that match your query. If you search for a type of resource, like “virtual machines” or “SQL databases,” you can jump directly to the list of those resources—anything in the Browse menu on the left.

search (1)


Try it out for yourself! I am always shocked by the amount of very experienced Microsoft Engineers who do not use the simple search function. Sure, it will not save you an hour of your day, but it certainly speeds up productivity. In Azure particularly, this functionality is paramount when the alternative is browsing through the sometimes never ending menus.


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