Skype for Business 2015 OAuth Error

After completing a Lync 2013 upgrade to Skype for Business 2015 for a client, and concurrently renewing certificates, I kept getting an Event ID 32054. I’d imagine this came from updating the OAuth certificate, but it may just be after the upgrade to SfB.

This can be fixed by simply updating the SfB OAuth configuration with the proper Exchange Autodiscover URL.

First, check your existing OAuth configuration with Get-CsOAuthConfiguration

If your result for Exchange Autodiscover URL is blank, please proceed.

Browse to the Autodiscover URL by going into a browser and entering

This will prompt for credentials, login and proceed.

Now, on an SfB Front End set the following command:

Set-CsOauthConfiguration -Identity global -ExchangeAutodiscoverUrl “”

You can go back and verify by running another Get-CsOAuthConfiguration

I hope this helps others that run into this issue!


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